Beware of casino scammers

Beware of casino scammers

Niche casino is one of the most competitive niches where many affiliates earn luxurious income while advancing through casino affiliate programs. Niches in which a lot of money circulates attracts not only branches to enter the business, but also scammers who try to illegally share the profit of the market. If you are an affiliate trying to get rich in the casino area, be careful with scammers and avoid them with all your efforts.

The best place to find out which affiliate programs are scams is on online forums where affiliates who do not get paid for these affiliate programs file complaints. These forums are also a good place to find good and respected casino affiliate programs. Join the forum and read what other people say about certain casino affiliate programs. If the affiliate program receives a lot of negative comments from other partners, this should be a sign of fraud on the part of partners, do not advertise your www fan88 casinos.

For the casino affiliate programs you have already subscribed to, a few tips to find out if affiliate programs are affiliate:

  1. Statistics are never updated.

If you find that no matter how many people you refer, statistics always show 0 visitors. You can always check your banners by clicking on it and checking the statistics to see if clicks have been recorded. Check your statistics regularly, and if the statistics do not change, this can be a sign of problems.


  1. No real player conversions

It is a fact that not everyone who clicks on the banner will be registered as real players. Statistics show that the average conversion rate is from 1% to 3%. If the เว็บบอลแจกเครดิตฟรีไม่ต้องฝาก 2018 in which you advertise have an unusually low conversion rate, drop them because you don’t earn anyway. Forward your traffic to an honest casino operator and earn the commissions to which you are entitled.

  1. A check never reaches you

The statistics are correct. You know that you earn good money on the traffic that leads to the casino, and wait until your check receives it at the end of the month. But the check never arrived, and your emails to the branch manager are ignored. If you still haven’t received your check, remove the banners from your site until you receive the payment.


Casino affiliate programs are channels to make money for partners to make money on the Internet. The only thing you need to be careful with is the fraudulent casino programs that use them to earn money but refuse to pay winnings. Do not fall for these scams.