Here’s How To Keep Yourself Busy And Entertained During This Pandemic – READ HERE!

Here’s How To Keep Yourself Busy And Entertained During This Pandemic – READ HERE!

            When you practice social distancing because of COVID-19, you can quickly realize that spending the day in front of a screen or television just won’t cut it. Weekdays can be easier to fill with work, home education, or other duties, but cabin fever may set in as this pandemic progresses.

Here’s a list of things you can do to remain involved and engaged in during the coronavirus pandemic — by yourself or your family.

Explore the kitchen

Cooking and baking can be perfect ways to spend your time indoors. Missing an entrance to your favorite restaurant? Now is an ideal time to train yourself on how to create your masterpiece. (If you’ve got children, have them help!) You can also try emailing the restaurant and ask if they’re going to share their recipe.

Play a board game or an online game!

Take out all those dust-collecting board games in your wardrobe. Don’t have anything? Online board games are available, some of which also allow you to play remotely against your friends or family. These can also be card games, as found on mega888. This will give various benefits, and on top of the list is the benefit of having fun!

Get out (with your distance kept).

A walk or bike ride is an easy choice if you’re not told to sit inside your house. If you don’t have a family member to walk with, then schedule a phone call for that time with a friend or family member. Or explore new podcasts or songs.

Sweat yourself.

Can’t go out? There are other means of being involved. Many free fitness videos are available on YouTube or social media, or you can download a workout app. Many give free trials and don’t need any equipment. There’s a lot of excellent fitness tools online, and they’re non-profit and ad-free. If you have a gym membership, check with them to see if the fitness classes are available online.

Being crafty.

If you have the space for it, set up an arts and crafts station. Remove all the drawing and coloring utensils, glitter, glue, scissors, and other unusual materials around you if you need improvisation. If you have access to a delivery service, you can order ceramic figures plus paint supplies, and you have just built your ceramic paint shop at home. Don’t want to talk about ceramics? From outside, grab some pine cones and decorate those. You may be shocked that such a simple task can be relaxing.

Catch up on reading, or better yourself.

Check the website of your library. Perhaps it’s time to learn the second language now or a new ability.