How to Beat a Poker bot in Online Poker

How to Beat a Poker bot in Online Poker

Poker is a gambling game which requires both luck and skill. It has gained rapid popularity and is played in private home parties, clubs, casinos, and even on the internet. Professional gamblers earn a lot of money in poker however the losses involved are heavy too. The rise in popularity resulted in a need for more exposure and practice. Online poker games are a huge rage among internet users. Humans play against a w88 bot which is a computer program that plays poker using AI (Artificial Intelligence). Professional gamblers use various bots to practice and enhance their skills before facing real human players. It is like a brainy duel between a bot developer and a player. A bot is after all a machine. It can’t be unbeatable. If we follow a few easy tips we can successfully learn to beat a bot.

Regular practice:

In poker mental pressure takes precedence over fun because money is involved. Over the years successful gamblers have been designing strategies as per their convenience and have been playing and winning with ease but it does not guarantee a tension-free game. Stress takes over. It is easier to play and practice with a bot as there is no pressure of losing money. It allows the player to just focus on the game and gives rise to more strategies.


Make note of all the 12bet ying strategies. However expertly a bot plays, it is inevitable that it will play in a predefined fashion. If we identify those strategies then we can beat it. Diligently follow every game closely and make a note of the mistakes. Also, note down all the different analysis and logic used. Closely follow the moves made by the bot. Every game should be treated like a lesson. It should be a continuous learning process.

Keep it straight and simple:

Make a straightforward approach. Do not over-analyze. If you watch the game played by a bot you will realize that the bot does not bother about bluffs. It just plays a straight game. Try to do the same. Keep your mind calm and focused. It will help improve your skill and provide new perspectives on how to play a better game of poker.

Stay alert:

What is essential is gaining full knowledge of the game. Remember that the bot developer would have researched in-depth to be able to program various inbuilt strategies using all possible mathematical calculations, analysis, and logic. Look for a pattern that the bot uses to tackle similar stakes and situations.