Online games and fraud: a basis of simple cash

Online games and fraud: a basis of simple cash

We all play something. Some prefer sports games, other gambling, there are also those for whom life is a game. Computer games have become a common phenomenon – millions of people play them. Some like Tetris, others choose Counter-Strike, but everyone is having fun. With the development of the Internet, a new type of computer game bandarqq has appeared: a game that can be played on any computer with thousands – or even tens of thousands – of players from in the region of the world.

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Online games rely on discovering amazing virtual worlds and performing tasks – called quests – in which – unlike more traditional computer games – players can earn not points, but money, valuable items, and experience. These virtual riches, occupied with the hero’s blood, sweat, and tears, can then be exchanged for other valuable items. These attributes bandarqq, after they are acquired, are used in even more difficult quests to earn more money or allow the hero to continue his journey through the game – there is no “Game over” in online games. Online games are governed by rules that determine their creators and administrators of servers that support games. They are people who devote their time and real money to creating and operating virtual worlds, thus earning an Online living game can be bought in stores or downloaded from the Internet, but to play, you usually have to pay a monthly subscription fee. Money from these monthly subscriptions covers traffic costs, game server support,


The world of online games is moving very fast: new games are published every year, and the army of players is constantly growing. As soon as the licensed version of the new game appears, pirate servers begin to appear almost immediately. These servers provide free versions of the same worlds as licensed games require us to pay. The number of such illegal servers is huge. For example, after entering the “private game server” in the Google search engine on June 22, 2007, about 10,800,000 results were displayed, and the number is still growing. One popular online game can cause the appearance of hundreds of thousands of illegal servers. The illegal servers are used by players who want to save money or simply do not have it, mainly teenagers or students. The temptation is big: why pay a subscription fee when you can play the same game on an illegal server, covering only the cost of traffic. In reality, however, the situation is completely different.