Operation of Lottery and Multi State Games

Operation of Lottery and Multi State Games

In 1980’s there were multi state lottery games played in US instead of single state games. These games were played in order to fetch huge profits. There were games like Powerball and Mega Millions which was very popular amongst the masses and were played religiously by them. The state organized these lotteries from time to time, maximum being two times a week. These maintained the tradition of the Lottery and also reduced the corruption which was inculcated in the system because of the video lotteries.

Mega Millions is a very popular multi state game which started by playing in twelve states in a row. In this game, the player has to choose six different numbers from different pool of numbers. The first five numbers were in between one to fifty-six and the last number from one to forty-six. All the six numbers made one combination which would be chosen in the drawing to win the final jackpot amount. The odds in this multistate game were very bad and there were very less chances of people winning the หวย ขายถึงกี่โมง jackpot. This would incur huge profits and was often termed as bug game. But the jackpots amount of these lotteries was in millions being the highest till date. When the amount of the jackpot money is increased, the sales of the tickets are increased drastically.

These lotteries were administered by the state lottery commission. In many states they were also operated by the non-governmental bodies or private organizations and were asked to pay a certain amount to the government. They had certain laws enforced regarding the fraud if observed any during the Lottery games. There were police and the lottery commission to continuously keep any eye on the workings of these organizations and rules varied from one state to another. Lottery playing and organizing were both risky as it always fetches attention from unwanted bodies because of the million dollar business. That’s why the lottery governing bodies were always on a vigil to help these kind private organizations to set up the system, monitor them, help them in running the game smoothly and also help them in selling the tickets through retail outlets of the tickets. They devise contracts to the people for selling lottery tickets.

Once the selling of tickets was completed, lottery was drawn and the person winning jackpot would be given their money eventually.