Responsible Gambling – an initiative to prevent Gambling Addiction

Responsible Gambling – an initiative to prevent Gambling Addiction

Online casino games are played online just like in traditional land based casinos. These games are full of suspense and thrill. Players bet money in the anticipation of winning. Online casino games keep its players on the edge of their seat. It is this thrilling experience and the rush of hormones that the players enjoy the most.

However much you enjoy playing ป๊อกเด้งออนไลน์ casino games, there is a balance you need to maintain between gambling and life. When you lose this balance, everything goes topsy turvy. Responsible gaming is the need of the hour.

Responsible Gaming

Responsible Gaming is the initiative taken by the gaming association, the vendors and the government included to bring awareness among people about the signs of gaming addictions and its harmful risks. This will help players to take preventive measures in order to stay away from Problem gambling or gambling addiction.

So, when do you know there is a problem? You know you are getting obsessed about gaming and you want to stop but you can’t. This is an obvious sign of addiction of any kind in general including gaming addiction. When you start giving importance to playing over your family life, your work and your friend it is time to take a break.


These are the guidelines provided by the initiative of Responsible gambling to keep gambling addiction in check.

Acknowledging the problem

Sometimes, all it takes is realization that a problem exists and there is a need for correction. When you do this, you have won half the battle. Realisation followed by the right kind of approach to resolve the problem is the key elements of finding a resolution to any problem.


It is natural to get embarrassed about Problem gambling or any other addiction for that matter. It is the loss of control over life and things that addicts think is shameful. However, it must not be forgotten that there are millions of people struggling to give up addiction of some kind or the other. There is nothing shameful and embarrassing about it. The fact that you want to regain the lost control and change things for better is the sign of a survivor.

Ask for help

It definitely helps a great deal to have a support system around you. They can help you cope with the pressure of giving up something that you are now obsessed about. Ask your family and friends to trust you in the endeavour of this road to a better life again. Ask some one you trust to manage your finances for a while. So you become answerable for your actions and think twice before taking a step towards gambling.

Take a break

Taking a break from gambling will help you think about where you are going wrong. Try to stay away from online gaming by avoiding going on gaming websites. Don’t forget to write everything down, it will register better. Maintain a journal to log in online activity.

This will help you keep a track of your improvement. Do not forget to give a pat on your back when you manage to stay away from the gaming scene.