Tips On Playing Online Sic Bo

Tips On Playing Online Sic Bo

Sic Bo means dice pair. It is also known to some as Tai Sai or Dai Siu. Or in the English language, Big and Small or Hi-Lo. It is a game of chance of ancient Chinese origin that is still unparalleled in popularity. The game uses three dice and the table layout is very like that of Roulette. Although Sic Bo is often based on luck, a lot of experienced players have various tips for new players. Check out below to learn some of the Sic Bo strategy tips that can help you win the game.

Bet on small or big 

The best bets you can make when playing Sic Bo is to bet on Big or Small. This means you bet that the total score of the rolled dice is from 4 to 11 or from 11 to 17. These types of bets pay 1:1. They also have the smallest house edge of only about 2.76%.

Combination bets 

Thanks to the improved version of Sic Bo you can now make a bet on any two specific numbers. This is often referred to as a combination bet. It also has a low house edge of only 2.77% and the odds against this bet winning are 6:1. It is safe to expect to win once in every 7 bets.

Odds on specified totals vary 

The payout table of Sic Bo shows that the odds on certain sums change big as well as their house edge. Wagers on totals from 7 to 14 offer 12:1 pay. House edge of 9.7% is lower compared to other specified sums. A 12.5% house edge is on bets on totals from 8 to 13 or from 10 to 11. Others have a pretty high house edge. Always bet on totals from 7 to 14.

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Do not bet triples 

It is very difficult to win this bet. It is the one with the highest risk. It also has high pay worth 180:1. Most players of Sic Bo avoid triples. You can use them as extra bets if you want. But you should never make a triple bet as your main bet. It will make you lose most of the time.

Avoid placing foolish bets 

Do not place a bet with a huge house edge. The odds of a hit, if you bet on a total from 5 to 16, are 6 in 216. The standard payout table indicates that the bet pays 30:1. But it has a high house edge of 13.9%. There are bets with higher house advantage and are often not hit. Placing a wager on a bet like this is like giving out your money to the casino.

There are several variations of this game. This includes an English version that is often the Grand Hazard. It also has a US version they call Chuck-a-luck. The original Sic Bo game is very popular especially in Asia and Macau Online Casinos. You can try Sic Bo online at Joker88 sites. There are also a lot of other games you might enjoy.