Various Kind of Poker Personalities

Various Kind of Poker Personalities

First and foremost, a thing which is needed to be done when you are sitting for Poker is to study your opponents and categorizing them. Mastering in this art would be the most important weapon in your arsenal. Players are fundamentally categorizing into various personalities, let’s look at it.

  1. Proverbial Aggressor

This personality s very similar to the calling fish, the main difference is that this personality is much more aggressive than a calling fish. You can also able to easily identify this kind of person because they are having very high variance and the loose playing style. They are tending to play almost all the hands without paying the attention to the range of hand. They are tending for go all-in pre-flop, 4-bet, re-raise frequently, inflating the pots a bluffing. It might also seem like they are on the permanent tilt, however, that is just how they are. Such players tend to lose very big in the long run.

The best way of tackling such ceme online characters is to play tightly. The maniac will bluff and, the optimum strategy is to induce the bluffs. You have to play the tighter range of the cards and simply have to call their raises. Bluffing to such kind of players is a very bad idea. What might be looking as the mediocre cards for you will be against the skilled opponents and will often lead to the pseudo nuts? The final tip is that when you are flop on the nuts then start to play slowly.

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  1. The Nit

Premium hands are only been played by this personality. They are tending to play on several tables at one time. Their main aim in life is to hit the bullets and then extract the value. Such players are very flamboyant and are often ground to the hours.

The best play against them is to steal their blinds. Secondly, always wary of the flops and then turn bets. They are always having strong hands. However, they are often playing out to their biggest weakness also. Whenever you are hitting the nuts against them then you have to surely pay them. But if you are playing on the good value then it must do the trick for you. Don’t call them all in as they might even folding the second nuts.

  1. The Aggressive Fish

This personality is also known by the calling station in ceme online. This personality is very loose and is tending to play many hands with a very wide range. They are also passive players. Their behavior of betting is very straightforward, min-3-bet pre-flop, open limping pre-flop, and min-check raise. This is the main behavior of this fish.