iPad Pro: Release Date, Pricing

iPad Pro: Release Date, Pricing

After releasing bigger 5-in iPhone6, expectations from Apple have raised. It’s been speculated
that the maker is coming up with 12-in iPad Pro, which would compete with Surface. Some
sources say Pro is going to replace ‘Mini’ lineup.

The manufacturer has already begun working on larger, bigger iPad known as Pro. Usually,
Apple releases one product a year, while it launched 2 models last year. Its intention is not to
turn to be like Samsung, but it’s just making its seat comfortable at 2-device table.

It’s quite interesting to see the release of upcoming full-sized iPad in the form of Pro series. All
are eagerly waiting for the professionally bent, bigger tablet this year.

The larger iPad would release by this yearend or probably 2015. The cost would range between
that of MacBook Air and iPad Air. Some sources also indicate that the maker is working on 2
editions of the Pro models.

Look and Feel

Pro tab with 2K screen resolution would release next year, many sources indicate. Apple has
joined hands with Quanta Computer to make the upcoming model. The maker has asked the
developer to have either 13.3-in or 12.9-in tablet. Analysts are pretty much confident that it’ll
be released in the first half of 2015. Ming-Chi Kuo, KGI Securities’ analyst said that pro-grade
tab won’t be released until 2014 but can be expected next year.

The upcoming model will feature 12.9-in screen; since MacBook Air is already a success with
11.6-in, having bigger screen makes sense. Initially, it was reported that Apple would focus on
just 12-inches screen, but the dummy unit doesn’t say so, as it looks closer to 13-in than 12-in.

It’s quite obvious that Pro will be heavier than its predecessor; Air weighs just 453.6 and the
maker should really work hard to keep the same feathery weight even at 12-inches. It would
get the same camera as that of iPhone 5S with dual LED flash, textured aluminum backing, and
Touch ID. An important feature to be added in Pro is front-facing webcam; the HD webcam is to
offer quality video calling, making user experience happier than ever.
iPad Pro with iOS 8

With so many things happening on the appearance, it isn’t surprising to see iPad Pro with latest
iOS. If pro-level handsets are going to launch this year, it’s almost certain that the upcoming tab
will feature iOS8.

Release Date

Multiple links claim iPad Pro will be available in the market in 2015; Apple has scheduled to
release it in Q1 2015.

Not much information has been released on software, hardware, specs or price; most likely, it’ll
get A8 chipset. The main aim of Apple to bring Pro is to distinguish it from iPad Air; the
upcoming model will get more space and people can use their computing platform that would
cross the present 128GB limit. However, it comes with the cost; having 12-in or 13-in tab with
256GB can cost double or triple the original.

The larger, more powerful is cheaper than MacBook Air but costlier than iPad Air. The maker is
yet to release the pricing details.

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