Find The Stock Lottery Results On Channel 9

Find The Stock Lottery Results On Channel 9

Lotteries are a kind of gambling in which random numbers are blindly selected for a prize money. Even if lottery is a type of gambling in most countries it is conducted legally. In some places, it is even conducted by government agencies also. The English Word ‘Lottery’ is derived from the Dutch noun word ‘Lot’ which means ‘Fate’. The trend found in lottery is a half money as prize and half money for the conducting agencies. It is easy for the buyer of the lottery ticket in Thailand as the person can check the ผลหวยหุ้นช่อง9, that also live. Many recent lotteries allow purchasers to select the number on the lottery ticket, resulting in the possibility of multiple winners.

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Thailand Lottery is drawn twice in a month which are first and sixteenth. The results as well as drawing is telecast live on National Broadcasting Services of Thailand and MCOT Channel 9.

Information about Channel 9

The Thai Government Officials and NBTC Thailand jointly developed the T.V. networking and its broadcasting. The company ‘Mass Communication Organization of Thailand’ was later changed as MCOT in which Channel 9 belongs. The company operates various multimedia business such as Television Channel 9 MCOT and other multimedia publicity. The live telecast and the result of the drawing of prize as shown in Channel 9 as mentioned above.

Prices of Thai Lottery

In Thailand lottery tickets are preprinted. In the country, one can find lottery ticket sellers and vendors roaming in every nook and corner of the country to sell tickets. They can be found in markets, streets and villages…etc. One can find stalls that are there outside malls and other crowded places.

The cost of one ticket is 40 Thai baht. To make extra income, these tickets are sold in packets of two tickets that contain identical numbers from different series. That way a lottery ticket seller can sell two tickets in place of one. Surprisingly, unlike in other countries prices of lottery tickets are negotiable in Thailand which is the same as in the case of almost everything there.

Street vendors ask for 120-130 baht for two tickets the price of which is 80 baht. In stalls near crowded places and malls, the vendors may come down for 100 Thai Baht for two tickets. Vendors list prices often differently for each ticket. They present the ticket to the buyers as lucky numbers and other combination of numbe

 Finding Thai Results on เว็ปหวย (Lottery Website)

The เว็ ป หวย is drawn on the fist and sixteenth of every month. Live telecast of the drawing of lottery starts showing in Channel 9 and other online websites on the day of the result. Normally the live event starts to telecast at 3PM on that day. Towards the end of the show (just before 4PM) the lottery numbers are displayed. If you speak Thai one can also find the results on the official เว็ปหวย.

How to Claim Lottery Prizes?

Those who have the Winning ticket can redeem their prizes at any Provincial Office of the Comptroller General’s Department (CGD). There is one of these in every province (3 in Bangkok). The Thai government has imposed a tax in the price money If the winner of the lottery does not want to collect the prize money by submitting the ticket to the CGD, the same can be redeemed at some shops easily where they charge an extra fee which is normally 2% of the prize money. It is also possible to negotiate the said fee.